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Memorial Day Parade -post parade festivities



Westport Memorial Day Parade

Monday, May 30th


Westport Little League Baseball and Softball will be marching in the Memorial Day parade on Monday and we are hoping to have the best turnout of all of the youth sports organizations - please help us do that!


Softball coaches - if you are marching/driving with your team, please let Terri Dusch know for tracking purposes -

Coaches/parents - if you are driving your team, please make sure to contact Jeff White, CEO of Little League ( and make sure to decorate your vehicle.


Players - please wear your team uniforms and comfortable shoes (it's a long walk).


Parents - the parade starts at the Sunoco station on Riverside Avenue and all marchers/drivers should be there by 8:15 for staging.  The parade ends at Veteran's green in front of Town Hall, so please make sure that you have someone there to meet your marcher.  



THE CELEBRATION WILL INCLUDE HOT DOGS AND CAKE (we are looking for volunteers to help with this event - contact Steve Axthelm if you are available -

2015 Little League 9-10 District 2 Champions
2015 Little League 9-10 Division Champions
2015 Little League 9-10 Sectional Champions
2015 Little League 9-10 Connecticut State Champions

2015 Little League District 2 Champions
2015 Little League Division Champions
2015 Little League Sectional Champions
1975 Little League Connecticut State Champions

2015 Fairfield County Fastpitch Softball League Champions


There are also several games on Monday afternoon, so if you are up for a day of softball, let me know and I will let you know what options there are for Memorial Day.


Looking forward to seeing you all at the parade - and have an amazing holiday weekend with your families!

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New Softball Logowear is here!!

Hi all - 

Softball logowear, by request, is here!!  It is for all softball players!!  Girls from PK - Juniors should find something that they like!!  

Go to and look at their logowear link - scroll down to Westport Softball!


I would love to see some Little League or Softball specific logowear in the coming weeks!!  


Comments and suggestions are always welcome - we can make changes for the next season!  See you on the field, with your new 'swag', looking fabulous!!!,266,326/name/Westport+Softball/





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Softball 2016 Program Information

Welcome to Spring Softball  2016!


**Westport works hard to balance Softball with soccer, LAX and Field Hockey.  We will do everything we can to ensure that we do not compete with those sports in Westport.  Unfortunately, we can not guarantee that a game against another town (in an "away" situation) won't conflict as they also have town sports that they need to work around.  We encourage all girls to play, have fun, and enjoy as many sports as possible.


**Westport leagues may play with surrounding towns - Fairfield, Trumbull, Monroe, Darien, New Canaan, Rowayton, Weston, Wilton, (and more) if they are able to field a team at each level - it will be a great season.


Softball is for girls in PK/K through 9th as follows:


Instructional League (PreK/K/1) - There will be one Saturday afternoon game at 4:00pm with two options for a practice clinic during the week (Wednesday and Friday's at 4:00pm - Town Hall Fields).  Games have a 1 hour time limit.  This is an instructional league.  Coaches will pitch and if necessary, pull out the "t" for new batters.  Coaches will also "catch" and assist on the field during the play to instruct and support each player through the play.  All girls bat and all girls play the field.  The Instructional league is to learn the basics of hitting, throwing and catching.  Outs do not count but are praised when they are made!  (Pre-K girls must be 5 during the playing season - exceptions made on a case by case basis).


A2 League - 2nd Grade:  There will be one Saturday game (11:30am/12:00pm) with two options for a practice clinic during the week (Wednesday and Friday at 4:00pm - Town Hall Fields).  Games have a 1.5 hour time limit.  Coaches pitch (with gals learning to pitch throughout the season).  No official score is kept.  Outs are recorded.  Innings end with 3 outs or once through the lineup.  One base on a hit, or possibly two if the ball goes into the outfield untouched.  Girls catch.  All players in the field are required to wear a face mask.  


 A3 League - 3rd Grade: There will be one Saturday morning game at 9:00 am with two options for a practice clinic during the week (Wednesday and Friday at 4:00pm - Town Hall fields - these are optional at 3rd grade) and potentially one additional practice as determined by the coach.  Games have a 1.5 hour time limit.  This league begins your girl’s first real experience with the full game.  Girls pitch (but coaches assist, after the pitcher has thrown one walk, on every 3rd ball). Two steals per inning, third base is gated. One base on overthrows.  Inning ends with 3 outs or 4 runs scored.  Balanced playing time requirement - all girls must be given a chance to play both the infield and outfield. Score is kept.  Girls catch and all players in the field must wear a face mask.  If you sign up to play, your team will be counting on you to be there most of the time. 


AAA League - 4th & 5th Grades:  There will one game per weekend on Saturday mornings (9:00am) with one practice as determined by the coach.  There will also be a game on Monday evenings at 5:30 (Wednesday is the rain date) No new inning can start after 90 minutes.   Unlimited stealing except home is gated. Balanced playing/pitching time requirement.  All girls on the field must wear a face mask.  Teams will not be aligned by school affiliation/friends any longer.  All teams will be built with equal strength for balanced play.  Girls pitch from 35'.  After 2 walks a coach will come in to pitch on 3 ball counts.  Scores/standings are kept. 


Majors League - 6th & 7th Grade: There will be one game per weekend on Saturday at 9:00 am and one game during the week on Tuesdays at 5:30 (with the rain date being Thursday) with one practice as determined by the coach.  Girls pitch from 40'.   Runners can lead on the pitch and stealing now includes home.  The catcher is vital and outfielders see the ball regularly. 


Juniors League - 8th & 9th Grades:  There will be one game during the week and one game on Saturday with one practice during the week which is determined by the coach.  Games are determined by the town that is being played, so flexibility is essential in this league.  Pitching is from 43'.  Coaches try to schedule around travel tournament commitments of players.  There will be travel to local towns during the season.


Cost of season is $235 for PK - 3rd and $255 for AAA - Juniors.


Financial Aid is available - please see registration form for more information


League assignments will be based on evaluations on March 12th (for grades 3 and up) by coaches and commissioners.

All players interested in playing this Spring must be evaluated.  All players will be given an opportunity to play, these evaluations are just to make sure that we create balanced teams at each level so that every girl can have an amazing softball experience.


Season begins in late March (weather permitting) with the regular game schedule beginning after Spring Break.  




Calling all gals PK - 3rd grade!!!  Mark your calendar for the annual Softball Jamboree!  It will be held on March 5th at the Staples Field House.  This is a "free" fun event for the youngest gals in town - come out and have fun and bring a friend!  Games, contests, giveaways and more!




We need parents to volunteer their time to coach little league softball this Spring. The league commissioners will choose a pair of coaches for each team from among those who have volunteered to be the lead/assistant coaches and the coaches in A3 and above will be involved in the draft of their teams. Once teams are drafted, each team can add another (league-approved) assistant coach from its roster. If you are interested in coaching or volunteering to help run our programs, please check the appropriate box when registering.   





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Now On Facebook !
Be sure to like and share our new Westport Softball Facebook page

We will be using Facebook to build community and as a means of communication about our sport and club activities for players, parents and fans.
 Feel free to post and recommend items of interest.

Also NEW on our home page is a direct news feed from National Little League.

We hope you find this information useful!

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Field Status
Coleytown South - Westport OPEN (5/27) 
Darien High School - Darien TBD (5/27) 
Doubleday KgsHwy - Westport TBD (5/27) 
Dougiello Park - Fairfield TBD (5/27) 
Greens Farms - Westport TBD (5/27) 
Meyer Cages - Westport OPEN (5/27) 
Meyer Field - Westport OPEN (5/27) 
New Milford Garrick - new milford TBD (5/27) 
Ridgefield - Ridgefield TBD (5/27) 
Staples Field House - Westport OPEN (5/27) 
Staples Field House - Westport OPEN (5/27) 
Staples Softball - Westport TBD (5/27) 
TBD - Monroe TBD (5/27) 
TBD - TBD TBD (5/27) 
Town Hall North - Westport TBD (5/27) 
Town Hall South - Westport TBD (5/27) 
Townhall North TBD (5/27) 
Wakeman C - Westport TBD (5/27) 
Westport TBD (5/27) 
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